Blood Brothers Reign On Newbury

Well, I'll be damned. Of all the places the Seattle quintet that still can would be slated to play an in-store on the day they release Young Machetes, it's good ol' Boston. Newbury Comics tends to have some decent performances, but this comes only from heresay. I've never been. However, you can bet your dubloons I'll be there on 10.10.06.

I'll tell you all now, I've had the record for about a month now, and my review will be due within the next week. I've been laundering my many reactions and thoughts over and over again, ready to come to a conclusion.

And let me tell you, it's a positive one.

Young Machetes is everything I'd hoped for and more. Being a jilted fan from the release of Crimes, I walk the path of Blood Brothers fandom once again.

Not to sound dramatic, but that's just how it is with them...

Blood Brothers @ Newbury Comics
332 Newbury Street
Boston, MA
Tuesday, October 10th

Mindblowing Audio: Blood Brothers - "Cecilia And The Silhouette Saloon"
Mindnumbing Audio: Blood Brothers - "Peacock Skeleton With Crooked Feathers" spare yourself, don't click...
Website: http://www.thebloodbrothers.com


Anonymous said...
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Ryan of the RSL blog said...

i am excited by your enthusiasm, but do you have any mp3s for us to listen to?

I may end up attending if they are as good as you say!

Onward Charles said...
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rachel said...

Why do you keep deleting things?? makes me very nervous. Anyway I kinda wanna get on a bus immediately after I get back home and go with you. does that make me lame?

rachel said...

ps.. that show is totally the 18th, not the 10th.. and they're doing one in jerse the 15th so yah know.. nevermind and stuff... or maybe not.