Mountain Goats Get Lonely. Solution? Tour!

Well, if that isn't the lamest of play on words. Supporting the latest release, Get Lonely, John Darnielle and company have hit the road to tour in front of their devoted fanbase.

I have never seen him play, but it's an opportunity I wouldn't miss. Never on my hot plate, Mountain Goats are a band whose name catches my eye in every dollar bin, ever obscure blog page, and every old mix that I find in the recesses of my few remaining cassettes and plethora of burned, unmarked discs. His music reminds me of a period in college where I was at my best - during the period, of course, that I fell in love with music journalism. Such a good reason to get drunk on a Tuesday (aside from the fact that it's, well, Tuesday).

Mountain Goats @ Middle East Down
Tuesday, September 26th
$14 / 18+

Audible: Mountain Goats - "Going To Georgia" my all-time favorite
p.s. check out the other "Going To..." songs

Audible: Mountain Goats - "New Monster Avenue"
Website: http://www.themountaingoats.net

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rachel said...

did you notice he has excessive scrunchie face??? beyond that fact i could never appreciate that mans music for the time in my life when a well.. you know.. you know...

by the way i've been trying to respond to your post for days via my mobile devise which will evidently only let me read them... bummmmmerrrrrrrr.