Daisy Daisy Drive Me Craisy

When I first received the new Ultra.Electro by David Waxman, I cringed at the cover. Then getting its concept for Disc 1 - a collection of the last year or two's best indie-rock electronic tracks remixed with touches a bit more on the house end - I started to get into particular tracks. Still, I stayed away from Disc 2 - Waxman's selection of a wide range of personal DJ favorites - like the plague.

Now biting me in the ass, I have been waking up to Daisy Daisy's "Michelle Plays Ping Pong" just about every morning for the last two weeks. First hearing it I thought it was a rather lame hand me down of Aphex Twin's "Bucephalous Bouncing Ball," but getting the opening sequence stuck in my brain drew me to the song's entirety.

It'll be a ways away before I really bite into the second disc, but I think there's promise. Give it a go...

Audible: Daisy Daisy - "Michelle Plays Ping Pong (Ultra Electro)" (where it's at)
Audible: Daisy Daisy - "Michelle Plays Ping Pong (Original) (not a fan)
Website: http://www.davidwaxman.com
Website: http://www.daisydaisy.com

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Anonymous said...

Better than sex?: Michelle Plays Ping Pong was one of my 'bests' of 2006 (I'm a 50+ balding local government officer in England) - and am about to write Christmas cards telling my friends about the fab things that I came across this year.

But from your blog I've just heard the ultra electro version. And my breath has just been taken - absolutely - away. OK...even more.

Hey - any more info on this stuff (which I know may be less-than-sex) would be much appreciated: Who is David Waxman? When was the original released? How come this version? And is there other stuff I should be listening to?

Thanks is anticipation for any info!


(If you respond - I hope I can tell: My LJ is gothicfolly ).