Ellen Allien + Apparat @ Hiro Ballroom [sans photos]

Hello everyone!

No photos just yet, but many were taken from last nights event at the Hiro Ballroom. Admittedly, the opening DJs were less than stellar, and my company (one which has strong roots in electronic music, another not very much at all) both seemed to be in a miserable hell. After a breather outside, we came back in and Ellen + Apparat had just begun their set.

I walked in to the beginning of "Stadt Kind," which event recalling now in my memory sends chills up and down my body. Each time Ellen sang, it was a wave of pure bliss channeling the room. Meeting up with Trixie from Resonator was also a plus, as she is one of the two people that ushered me towards Bpitch Control and Ellen's music.

Music Video: Ellen Allien - "Stadtkind"

Other great moments included "Magma" and "Way Out." The set felt short, and at one point I could have sworn that they were launching into "Bullet." Still, the thirty or so minutes that they played were completely worth the four hour Fung Wah ride, the day off from work, and the stress of having to deal with fudged guestlists.

I'll admit, there's something about the Hiro Ballroom that I don't care for very much, but the drinks were quite cheap - an enormous shot of whiskey and Tiger beer for $8. I believe that's even unheard of in Boston.

Once more, call me Onward "Bandwith Borrower" Charles:
Audible: Ellen Allien - "Your Body Is My Body"
from the album Thrills

Photos and videos to come shortly.

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i saw that show and loved it, although i was even more annoyed with the venue. here's my blog post about it: