Dirty Dancing

Ahh, 'twas a beautiful day in New York City, despite the overcast and wind. To note, I ride a bike or drive everywhere in Boston, and I hadn't walked for the length/time that I did yesterday (miles!/4 hours) possibly since I lived in New York.

Taking the L from 14th & 8th all the way to the Myrtle-Wyckoff stop in Bed-Sty, walking about in the rain, and drinking beers while introducing a good friend to Ellen Allien, we left around 1am to head to Lit.

A recent review of Drop The Lime's new album had put me in touch with him, and he'd told me about the Dirty Down party that night. "You chose a very good weekend to come down [to New York]," he'd said. After hearing much from a friend about the Cut NYC parties, I was looking forward to it despite the reputation Lit has developed over time. On an aside, I'll say that he's a fantastic person, and it's nice for the personality to match the musical skill.

Did I mention the refreshing surprise that was the cost of drinks at the Hiro on Thursday? Well, two shots of Jameson and two Stellas came to $30 for my friend and I, and it not been such a crazy, wild time I would have cringed harder.

Cramped, lacking oxygen, dark, dank, underground (literally and figuratively), and electric. The Dirty Down party is exactly what I was looking for: people of all ages that were receptive, friendly, smiling, and dancing their goddamn asses off. Girls looked at boys and boys looked at girls but there was a complete lack of pretension and carnal intent.

Well, maybe I don't really mean that last part, but I'll say it was very comfortable and not at all an environment to instigage self-consciousness. No cover charge, either. Hopefully Dirty Down's blog will have photos. And hopefully, well, I won't be in any of them...my mother reads this, you know!

Tonight is the big one...Trouble & Bass NYC - a concoction brewed by Mr. Venezia (DtL)himself, who will be DJing all throughout the night.

Girl Talk? Yeah, it's alright, but I will proudly admit that I was big into the drum & bass scene when I got out of high school, went deeper into the Warp catalogue and beyond from thereonin, and have now emerged as a lover of all things danceable. Drop The Lime, Dirty Down, Cut NYC, and now Trouble & Bass...key words, kids. Key effin' words.

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