Trouble & Bass

Ahh, Trouble & Bass. Words cannot describe. Now back in Boston, the three nights spent in various areas of New York reminded me of how much I love that city. It feels more like home than any other place in the world (and it should, as, well, it is), and Drop The Lime's newest party, Trouble & Bass was a major example of my nostalgia.

At times, my neck muscles were clenching I was dancing so hard. Everyone around me were soaked through in our clothes and hair, and moments of pure bliss in which everyone transcended levels of self-awareness were reached multiple times. It wasn'ta room of drunken, hedonistic hipsters - we were dry sponges that left that club drenched in more than sweat.

Shadetek + Math-head: Even my camera was sweaty, clouding the lens. Mmmm...

There is not a question in my brain as to what is now the best dance party in New York City. Between Ellen Allien on Thursday, Dirty Down's Friday night chaos (which ended with my second bout of alcohol poisoning of 2006...sigh), and the highly anticipated Trouble & Bass premiere on Saturday, my expectations were beyond met this weekend. Even ending my Sunday evening/Monday afternoon with a store throat and swollen tonsils is a fair price to pay. My one regret is that I personally asked Luca to play "Bella," but had to leave a bit after 3am, after Math-head had spent about ten minutes blending "Sunglasses At Night" into "Blue Monday" in the most gorgeous, bass-heavy, fantastic way. We walked out on Tretemoller's "We Share Our Mother's Health" remix. For me, it was magic.

Admittedly, I hope it stays a best-kept secret for a bit...

Audible:Drop The Lime - "Trouble Mix #4"
Website: http://www.troubleandbass.com


Dany said...

But it isn't home -- Long Island is

Onward Charles said...

I lived in New York City for four years between leaving the ghetto and moving to Boston.

Does Wayne Brady have to cut a bitch?!