Ladytron + CSS @ Avalon, 09.30.06

Ever since the first Ladytron record came my way in 2001, I've been a big fan of just about everything they've done. True, their second of three records, Light + Magic, was like most sophmores - awkward, missing the mark, but producing several tracks ("Seventeen" + "Cracked LCD") that stand out in their catalogue as a whole. Their latest, Witching Hour, which they've been promoting for ages, is still possibly their best. Their 604 debut is excellent but dated...a kind of sound they can never recreate, but this latest one is the wet cement for the future of their career as a band that just gets bigger and bigger.

Let's be honest. You're reading the blog of someone who goes to a lot of shows, so you can imagine that a majority of them are bands that arouse a great interest, but aren't extremely personal in favor. Ladytron, though, is considered within the realm of a great favorite - a band whose releases I'll always follow and collect. Their sets are grand, clean, and deliver a warm, vibrant variety of their songs.

Admittedly, though, this was my second time seeing Ladytron this year, and the one complaint is that their set was very similar to that at the Paradise in April. Both were excellent shows, but I was able to leave the set before it was finished. Aside from the fact that my accompanying friend was hangry to the point of his stomach slowly eating itself, I was informed that "Beauty No. 2" was not on the set list. There's also the fact that this show finally solidified the fact that I do, indeed, hate the goddamn Avalon.


And there was this. CSS. Cansei De Ser Sexy. What a mess. Unless it's about 2am, and I'm drunk in a dingy little shithole like Lit NYC on the wonderful Dirty Down dance nights, I can't imagine liking this band. I'll give it the fact that it was 7pm, the Avalon was empty, and they were on a stage that was uncomfortably high for the sort of private party atmosphere they were trying to convey.

It's kind of a shame because I really do want to like CSS, but it's just not happening. The record is too mediocre for me, and the gimmick of it being comprised of five very cute Brazilian girls playing dance music...ehh. I was more blown away by Bondo De Role. Gimme gimme!


Oh, and on a totally non-music related sidenote, a drive to the always open South Street Diner at 4:30am presented this a mere block away from my apartment.

Apparently this happened around 2am. Some kid just walked out of and away from the car shortly after smashing into the white truck. No clue as to whether it was stolen or abandoned, but the morning left nothing of the car aside from a little piece of bumper stuck to the back of the automotive victim. Woo Boston!

Audible: Ladytron media streams galore
Website: http://www.ladytron.com
Audible: CSS - "Lets Make Love And Listen To Death From Above"
Website: http://www.csshurts.com

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