NEMO...Disneyland For Alcoholism

Ohh, Friday mornings. The weekend is but a sneeze away, but my brain is dragging behind my body, which went into weekend mode about 6pm last night. Leaving work to check out the NEMO opening party at the Cyclorama/Boston Center for the Arts, the first PBR hit me hard, and onward we went.

Due to lack of proper caffeine, I'm going to throw some shorts your way.


On Tour Widget: Never Miss Another Concert, They Say...

OnTour will deliver thorough concert listings that are customized to your tastes. More importantly, concerts of artists in your iTunes will be highlighted in the ‘My Artists’ section of results so that you’ll be sure to see them. Links are provided to ticket options as well as to iTunes so you can listen to samples of artists coming to your town. The website that supports the widget, ontour.net, provides artist discographies, links to iTunes, Google maps, and links to ticket vendors.
yeah, that was more or less copied and pasted...

Download here


Quick Note: Green light for The Go Station. It was so perplexing, though, to hear a band that has such a big, stadium sound to the likes of Oasis or The Killers at the Middle East Up. Nonetheless, they are definitely worth checking out when they come to your town.


Saturday .::. 18:10

I will try my very best to do NEMO panel reviews in a timely fashion. I only attended two, but I unexpectedly wrote a lot of notes down that would be extremely helpful to all those that weren't absent.

And, were, you know, in bands or whatever.

On a personal note I am nursing THE hangover of 2007 today, so bear with me. I love you all.

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Ryan of the RSL blog said...

I am fully guilty of not responding to my NEMO invites. "Eff em." If I can make it, I will.... Now, this is not how I go about life... but I find it hard to jingle all my coins for a short festival when the bands don't even do what they can to promote their sound.

If you hear of something groovy - please give me a ring.

For you PR people who contacted me in the last 48 hours - you are too late... I am free. I will make my own opinions.

Hehe- Do not surrender to the hype. A free show is only so "free."