Read Music : Colour Revolt

I love it when a band's music points me towards a read. No, I do not mean their onesheet, but rather, some form of literature. The older the better. Colour Revolt is taken from Flatland, a social commentary by Edwin Abbott that explores two dimensions. (He did write textbooks, though, on Alexander Pope, and my pretentious ass has to say bleh! to that...)

There are definitely elements of Modest Mouse and the Arcade Fire, and upon first listen of "Mattresses Underwater," I wasn't all too impressed. Moving in to "A New Family" I started to understand what it was that I was supposed to pick up. There's a charm of solitude in their music, giving a feel of something I haven't really heard before. Being from Mississippi, there's little down there but rich culture, very independent music scenes, college towns, and...I don't know...Faulkner statues? There's an intellectual appeal to Colour Revolt that I'm loving with each listen.

Audible: Colour Revolt - "Mattresses Underwater"
Website: http://www.colourrevolt.com

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