Surf's Up : Brokedown Melody

In February of 2004, I went to Hawaii for a week, and although I had a cold for most of the time, it was a very memorable experience. Every nauseating, touristy path was tread. Though I still never took that surfing lesson, I found that Jack Johnson's music began to grow on me over the course of that year's remainder.

Yes, there, I said it. I like Jack Johnson. Rock n' roll. Deal with it.

Yeah, I took this photo!

Point is there's a new surfing film coming out called "Brokedown Melody," and it features a soundtrack that includes a solo track by Eddie "strum strum strum, let me pour my achy little heart out on a gee-tar" Vedder and another by Mr. J with Matt Costa and Zach Gill. I clicked on the link for Vedder's acoustic track and winced, ready for something far different than the grunge grouch covering himself in pro-choice Sharpie ink. Towards the end of "Goodbye" I was sufficiently swooned, though, as well as listening to Jack's "Let It Be Sung" while letting my morning caffeine settle itself into my system.

Other musicians include Doug Martsch, M. Ward, Kings Of Convenience, and The Beta Band. It may be a good time for Bostonians, as by mid-November, when the film drops, we will all be freezing our asses off...

Audible: Eddie Vedder - "Goodbye" (Win) / Eddie Vedder - "Goodbye" (Ram)
Audible: Jack Johnson - "Let It Be Sung" (Win) / Jack Johnson - "Let It Be Sung" (Ram)
Website: http://www.woodshedfilms.com

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