Spank Rock City

Aside from my neverending praise for Brooklyn's Drop The Lime, there is Spank Rock. Glorious, glorious Spank Rock...

I've missed them on my few chances this year, but tonight marks my night. Coming to Great Scott in Allston, I say with no irony or tongue-in-cheekness that this will be OFF. THE. HOOK.

And what is the hook?

There are several - Spank Rock is dirty. Lyrically and musically, it's the kind of music that arises from concrete floors and walls in Baltimore industrial lots, drawing from British grime influnence and the bombastic attitude of American hip hop. It's artful, too - there's something about Spank Rock, in conjunction with their style and visual presence, that is the underground brother to the kind of mainstream draw that, say, Lupe Fiasco has been magnetizing with Food & Liquor.

In short, I am wicked stoked to where I have just unabashedly used the words "wicked" and "stoked" together.

Also playing:
Miss Fairchild
Devlin & Darko
Pase Rock


Do yourself a favor...nap, eat, drink, and GO.

Audible: Spank Rock - "Rick Rubin"
Audible: Spank Rock - "Sweet Talk"
Website: http://www.spankrock.net

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