If You're In New York On Saturday...Dance For Me

It's back! Unbelievable that it's only been one month, but Brooklyn's own Luca Venezia, a.k.a. Drop The Lime is hosting the second Trouble & Bass this Saturday in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The first night of the monthly series was over Labor Day weekend, and I vowed to take the trip down to New York to see them every month thereafter.

...but because I totally suck, I won't be making it down this weekend. Three local friends are heading down to New York, and I'm insistent upon their attendance. Still, the fun that they could collectively have could not match the amazing time that was my first at Trouble & Bass.

The newest mix is up, and after the fever that Drop The Lime's 4th Trouble & Bass mix inflicted last month, Philly's own Starkey lays down an hour of concocted slow[er] jams that touch on the more obscure hits. So far, so excellent.

But just in case you missed it, the fourth T&B mix by DtL is down below too...

The big question is...who's going with me in November?

Audible: Starkey - "Trouble & Bass #5 .::. Bass Means Trouble"
Audible: Drop The Lime - "Trouble & Bass #4 .::. Trouble Mix"
Website: Trouble & Bass

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