What Do You Want From Me? .::. Revisit Gold Chains + Ellen Allien

One thing I love about having a music blog is that I don't have to follow the timeline of release. It's been a while since I've sunk my fingers into the used racks at record stores, so the "Used Goods" column died along with the "He Said, She Said." Nonetheless, I grabbed the Remix Collection from my frequently lauded Ellen Allien as I was running out the door this morning.

+ = <3

I had heard of Gold Chains from some compilation back in the 90s...I think. Who knows. I may actually be confusing him with Goldie. (OC Intern! Who's on the MTV Amp comp? And get me some more coffee!...) Reviewing his record back in 2002, though - or maybe it was 2003 - took little to no time to get into. The thing about it was that it was very different from what I was used to. Most of my electronic fascination came from the east; all things British and European in the realm of IDM, dance, and techno. This was totally west coast, and even then I was still -3 years away from even visiting that side of the country.

As for Ellen, I bought the Remix Collection around the time I purchased Berlinette, and I couldn't decide which one I loved more. I'd become familiar with her remix of Covenant's "Bullet" for a few months by the time the June heat hit the northeast, but all other tracks were unfamiliar to me. Most of the play was in my car, providing background or being skipped around by my general ADD towards music that doesn't grab me hard and fast on first listen.

But it's never too late to appreciate. This one's a gem...

Gold Chains - "Let's Get It On (Ellen Allien Remix)"

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