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Since the cat was let out of the bag, and now the whole world is aware of what a potty-mouth Bob Saget really is, he's been unable to control himself. I am fine with this, personally, considering he's now stepping things up a bit and putting out "Farce Of The Penguins" sometime this month. While watching a screening of "March Of The Penguins" - a movie that I've avoided for the stupidest of reasons - Saget started chiming in as an additional narrator in his friend's home theater. Though that was most likely out of habit due to his long-running stint as the wholesome host of "America's Funniest Home Videos," his comedic twist on the original "Penguins" documentary will be R-Rated.

And knowing that man's dirty mouth, it's safe to assume it will be very...very R-Rated.

Other cast members will include: Samuel L. Jackson, Jason Alexander, Dane Cook, Dave Coulier, John Stamos, Jon Lovitz, Adam Duritz. Do you see that? Adam Duritz - the dude from the goddamn Counting Crows is getting in on this.


Another interesting piece to point out: an elevator with no floor with an invitation to step inside. This installation is featured somewhere outside of the states, and it's been unfortunately difficult to find any more information on its creators, whereabouts, and other points. Take a look.


Also, as the cold weather unzips its luggage on Boston's bed, singles of the city are reminded by their shitty heaters and inadequate bedding just how single they are. The good news, for the emotional sadists, is that the rest of the country is suffering in that field.

Not a surprise, though. In my late teens all I heard was that divorce was on the rise, alongside the general but often wavering statistic that the 50/50 ratio of divorced families to "stable" nukes were on a slow but steady incline. The progressive abandonment of marriage - or, at the very least, the procrastination of it - seems to be the trend of my generation.

So, break out your Frida Hyvonen record...I'll be writing much more about her very soon.

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P.S. Oh, and hey, we can all breathe easy now because the Turkey Testicle Festival in Fort Myers, FL is is allowed to keep its name. Jesus, they've only been doing this for what? Four years...check out the mascot.

Classy...reaaaally classy.

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