Graeme Sinden a.k.a. When Are We Moving To UK?

Now we're up to Uffie, who may be a known name to Bostonians since our own David Day brought her to light, but this mix is only halfway over and has simply been driving me insane all morning. Now a quarter to 10, I should be at work, but I am instead locked in my apartment, dancing all over my bedroom with this glorious, glorious hour and change of Sinden's set at The Rumble's one year party in Sweden. Uffie, Sinden, and DJ Feadz were all present, as well as various other DJs from all over Europe.

Ohhhh I hear it. I'm forty-five minutes in, and I can hear sprinkles of "We Share Our Mother's Health." The Trentemoller mix, no less! I was waiting for him to do something along those lines. Still, as much as I wait for eeevery DJ to drop The Knife in 2006, it pales this time around in comparison to some of the other insanity he's pulled in the first 40 minutes of the mix alone...another half hour to go.


Rather than repost, go straight to my source. I ain't gonna lie to you, baby.

*Edit - There! Between the 47 and 50 minute marks! This, my darlings, is the kind of stuff that makes me go wild...

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