Thomas P. Heckmann .::. The "P" Stands for "Poly Sh*t!"

Today I cut 'n peeled my first avocado.

But more importantly, there's a new word in town:

blog slump (n.) a period during which a person performs slowly, inefficiently, or ineffectively, esp. a period during which a blogger fails to update their blog as usual.

For the last two weeks, I fell into a wicked blog slump that completely built a wall between Blogspot and I. In my heart was a great feeling of despair! I even consulted with my other Boston blogger friends, who told me not to fear, and that the blog slump would soon end.

Ten days past, then fourteen. After that fortnight, a dark period began to which I have been slowly extracting myself from the chains of "My Love" remixes and the constant spinnings of Silent Shout and Orchestra Of Bubbles.

Let's face it. The Knife and Ellen Allien + Apparat put out two of the best records of 2006, but they completely sucked me in during the holiday season, as I turned much of my brain off to adjust to the impending cold weather, a great social binge on alcohol and insomnia, and countless feedings of Tofurky.

With tomorrow, Monday the 4th of December, marking the (possibility of the) first major snowstorm to hit New England after an over-extended fall, it's time for me to embrace the forthcoming weather and say...

I'm back, biaaatch!

So without further adeiu, I bring you Thomas P Heckmann's "Tangents," released November 20th on the wonderful Bpitch Control label in Germany (damn you, Allien, I can't escape your electronic grips!) "Tangents" comes from a man who has been behind the decks for over two decades, and a producer for well over ten years. An accessible techno house song, it can appeal to lovers of obscure electronics alike because of its hints of familiar flavors. The basic, driving rhythm is very much in like with The Knife's "Like A Pen," and what chips away at the fundamental beat draws from the same gene pool as Orchestra Of Bubbles' "Floating Points." See for yourself...

I've missed you all.

And if you think "Tangents" is rad, just WAIT until you hear "Medusa."

Audible: Thomas P. Heckmann - "Tangents
Audible: The Knife - "Like A Pen"
Audible: Ellen Allien + Apparat - "Floating Points"
Website: http://www.troperecordings.de

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