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Lovitt Records is one of my favorite labels of all time. Bats & Mice, Engine Down, Rah Brahs, and Decahedron were all a part, and Denali is no exception. With the handsome Keeley Davis having disbanded Engine Down to move on and join Sparta, Maura started up Ambulette. I was just touring the Lovitt Site in search of more information on Pinebender - one of my recent favorties with their latest record, Working Nine To Wolf

I can't say they sound the way that they look...

...Or maybe they do. Alternative Press' review of the record had the byline "The Best Post-Hardcore Album of 1998?" or something like that, singing the album's praises but mentioning the fact that Pinebender's record is a bit dated. Understandable. Listening to them sent me on a neverending listening party of Criteria, The White Octave, and Sunny Day Real Estate. I brooded as the temperature dropped in New England and constantly thought, "Why don't they make music like this anymore?!" I played Nine To Wolf in the office, and cornered an intern. "What do you think?" She shrugged, "It's ok." KIDS?! I thought. They don't know anything.

Pinebender, fortunately, will be leaving Chicago to tour and Great Scott is on the map for January 20th. I will be there with bells on, awaiting them to play their 13-minute long "Parade Of Horribles," which starts the album. I love it.


But while Pinebender is what brought me to Lovitt's site, my jaw fixed into a drop when I saw this.

isn't it weird to have your only real press photo photoshopped?

There they are again. Maura Davis, Keeley Davis, and Engine Down's former drummer, Cornbread Compton. Apparently Glös are several things according to Wikipedia, but nothing revealing enough to make an association to these three talents. Fiddling around with electronics during a European Engine Down tour, the project came together via the Internet when Cornbread and Keeley decided to make something out of the sonic landscapes they'd composed together. Inviting Maura to join, their releasing their record on the very appropriate Lovitt in January.

Audible: Pinebender - "Polly Gray"
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/pinebender
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/glos

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