Teh Boston Interwebzorz.

I have plans. Big plans. Plans to upload a golden oldie from my goth days that I've recently re-acquired. Plans to post about my Sunday evening, where I went from Paradise Lounge to Harper's Ferry to the Middle East Up and back home for sleep. But in the meantime, I want to throw some links your way...links I may expand upon in the future but, in the meantime, feel it necessary to make sure they're pointed out:

Looks like Harvard Square's got some feisty statues...

+Universal Hub
This is THE site to go to for everything Boston. More than my RSS, I've begun to check this on a daily basis, and I discovered it by a recent feature in Boston magazine. Figures.

+Bad Transit
I bike. I drive. I sometimes walk.

I do not T. I come from New York, and what shreds of pride I cling to in my expatriation...the subway is one. This site is good back-up.

+Your Bike Is Hot
Don't be shocked if this simple, community-building idea starts popping up all over Boston. You simply have to ask yourself, "Who's gonna shove their card in my spokes?"....

Very cute. Their bio says: "velocicrafter was started by brian and bevin, two people who love dinosaurs and also enjoy making creative things and sharing them. we live in boston, ma. bevin's favorite dinosaurs include the hypacrosaurus, parasaurolophus, as well as the oviraptor. brian's favorite dinosaurs include deinonychus, allosaurus, and also brachiosaurus." Again...how cute.

+Little Flower
I know you're stumped on what to get your 13 year old niece for the holidays. I know I am...

+Inblackandwhite On Everything
I've sung the praises of this band here and here, but now they've started their own blog. I was stoked to hear that Onward Charles was an inspiration. Hot!

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