Only The Good Die Young.

Though this is often reserved for Thanksgiving, as the name implies, I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a happy holiday and thank you all for reading this blog. Onward Charles was born in May from push and inspiration of Mr. Exitfare, who was approaching his blog's first birthday around that time. After 6+ years of being a "personal blogger," as well as a journalist, publicist, and anything-but-performer in the music industry, it was time for me to seize my own forum for ramble. Thank you, everyone, for your continued support. The fact that you enjoy and read this on a somewhat-daily basis elates me every. single. time.

This kid's not fucking around...

And with that, this Christmas Eve is dedicated to one of my favorite Boston-based DJ's - DJ Die Young. I may have mentioned this already, but he impressed the hell out of me when he spun at inblackandwhite's CD release party at the Milky Way. Having thrown out The Field's "Over The Ice," I nearly broke my jaw as it hit the table so hard. This latest mix that he's released just in time for Santa is beautiful in a way that Michael Mayer would appreciate. Watch out Kompakt...too bad they don't consider their non-roster DJs to be considered for Immer3. Check out the mix below, and be sure to crack as many nuts as you can this holiday season!

Peace on earth and etcetera...

Catch DJ Die Young along with Balitmoroder and David Day on January 4th at Make It New.

A little x-mas stocking stuffer: Bjork + Icelandic Goth Rock = "Witchcraft"...who knew?

Audible: DJ Die Young - "Minimix 2006"
Website: http://jamie.stormboxes.com

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