Amon Tobin: Hello From The Audience

In Amon's hello from the lab blog post, he sheds a flicker of light on his forthcoming LP, Foley Room. Essentially named after the natural sound effects producer on a film set, foley art is highly applicable to this record.

"every recording from ants walking on tinfoil to string quartet was treated objectively as a building block to be put together later. animals were encouraged to be musical and musicians convinced to abandon years of practice and discipline and perhaps play their instrument with a sword." - Amon

In my years of loving experimental and obscure IDM, Amon was always in the background of my love for artists up and down the Warp, K7, and Plug Research facets. Whereas I've owned Supermodified forever and ever, he's something that I've never learned to appreciate, though I always respect him for his critically acclaimed genius.

My first listen to Foley Room was underwhelming. I immediately latched on to "Always," the track that picks up and keeps up more than any other on the 12-song album. A rare habit, I began using the trusty star ratings on the iTunes to try and figure out which tracks attracted me the most. Soon, "Esther's," "The Killer's Vanilla," and "Keep Your Distance" began to grow in stars, and mixed in with the remainder of the record, it's deeply grown into my daily routine. Not as entrancing as the Knife's Silent Shout - mine and everyone else's favorite of last year - I make no claims of how great this record will be received.

I can, however, sincerely vouch that it will surely be a disservice to yourself if you don't give it a chance. And if the record is coming out March and you're wondering, "But OC, why should I bother to purchase it? YOU already got a copy of the record, obviously I can seek one out in the salty seas of the Internet."

Answer: Having paired with Kronos Quartet for this experimental and refreshing redirection, Tobin will also be releasing a DVD titled Foley Room: Found Footage, documenting the recording process, in conjunction with the album. HOTT!

Audible: Amon Tobin - "Esther's"
Audible: Amon Tobin - "Always"
Website: http://myspace.com/tobinamon

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