Coachella Was A Diver, And She Was Always [Awesome]

Before rushing to bed, lest we forget....

I mean damn...daaaaaaaamn. What else can I say?

Other than I feel ashamed that I went "OoOoOohH!" when I saw Benny Benassi's name.

And, yeah, it took a full 4 minutes until I realized that the headlining reunion is RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE...wtf?


Ryan of the RSL blog said...

Wow. Nice line-up!

Lucas said...

Goddamn weird 80's bands that I like keep reforming and playing in places that I'm not going. I went all the way to Buenos Aires to find out that three weeks after I left friggin' Madness and New Order would be playing, now there's another one on this lineup...that I'm not going to admit to.