Damero .::. Bpitch's Newest Hearthrob

Holy SHIT! I'd gotten the debut record from Bpitch Control's latest signing, Damero, from the kind and lovely publicist at BPC Marit, whom I'd been in touch with for several months now. After listening to Damero once or twice, I knew it was something to take home, and I did just that. Over the course of the last week or two, I've been listening to Happy In Grey on a consistent basis, falling in love with some of the faster-driving tracks as I move beyond the gorgeous opener "Mope."

Now here comes the OMG part of the post...the first line of a Filter27 newspiece about Damero's record reads: "Berlin-based BPitch Control's latest signing, Marit Posch aka Damero, will release her debut LP titled Happy In Grey on February 26."

Marit Posch = Damero!? No WONDER. "Things Gone" and "Okay Okay" are so perfect for the Bpitch roster, and when you're a part of the label family, having that magic rub off on you is unavoidable...just look at Lovitt Records and all of the beautiful in-house incest that goes on amongst their roster. The record's title is a simple statement that expands to all corners of its tracklist. "Passage To Silence" had manipulations from the hands of Apparat, and it stands apart, showing a broader spectrum of rock drums and forefronted vocal layers. Definitely a great record for fans of the Bpitch label, but also a nice side door into the world of melodic electro music much in the same vein as, say, the Postal Service or an electronic Mia Doi Todd.

Audible: Damero - "Things Gone (featuring Headkit)"
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/damero

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