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As in life, friends of Onward Charles may get a bit of priority, so while there is a bit of a method to my organization madness, I'm knocking everything down to make room for this new DJ Mix. Quite the perfectionist, Hacks has been DJing for seven years now, and has picked up a few things along the way worth sharing.

Onward Charles: How did you start DJing?

Hacks Hispwnbrain: I've been deejaying since 1998 off of my friend's decks back in NYC, then bought my own pair here in Atlanta in '99 and have been deejaying ever since. I started off doing trance, then moved into hard-house, but that kinda fizzled out after 5 years of doing so. I used to play around Atlanta a bunch, but not so much anymore.

OC: What about your equipment?

HH: I used to use Technics all the time, but now I'm working with Traktor and Ableton, and have incorporated some external MIDI controllers into the mix. Everything in this mix was done with a laptop, my Echo Indigo DJ sound card, and my M-Audio X-Session Pro MIDI controller.

I've been leaning towards doing a full on Ableton mix soon - been playing around with that and mapping out templates, and ways that my Axiom 25 can interact with it to create a whole new type of mash-up...sampled deejay mix as opposed to the just track-into-track-into-track like I've got here.

OC: Awesome.

HH: Yeah, I'm teaching myself how to properly use live now. The Axiom 25 has a built-in drum pad, in addition to a 25 key keyboard, so, it's pretty hot.

OC: You're an old pro with vinyl, but you advocate digital DJing too...

HH: Yeah. well from how I see it: I LOVE vinyl, but there are just so many more things I can do in the digital realm that I can't do in the analog realm. I can loop things over and over and layer 3-4 loops on top of one another. I can instantly have access to the music I purchase, rather then waiting a week for it in mail or just straight up not finding it on vinyl at all.

OC: Any advice for those starting out?

HH: Laptop is usually a bit easier on the wallet (assuming you have the laptop already). You can get cheap out of the box "all in one deejay kits" but they generally SUCK!

We <3 you Hacks!!!!one!!

The Presets - Down Down Down (Bumblebeez Remix)
Black Ghosts - Face (Switch Remix)
Digitalism - Idealistic
Shakes - Sister Self Doubt (Alternate Version)
The Rapture - WAYUH (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
Duchess Says - Black Flag (Pirate Soundsystem Remix)
The Whip - Muzzle NO. 1 (Shadow Dancer Remix)
Kissy Sell Out - Keanu Reaves (Gurnge Version)
The Loose Cannons - Raw (Kissy Sell Out Mix)
Justice - Phantom (Faex Re-edit)
Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler
Brazillian Girls - Jique (MSTRKRFT Remix)
The Prodigy - Girls (Rex the Dog Remix)
Daft punk vs Nicky Van She vs Dangerous Dan - Around the World Again
33Hz - Paris Texas (Gentlemen Drivers Remix)
Justin Timberlake - My Love (is Like Woah! Re-edit)
Justin Timberlake - My Love (Sample)

Audible: Hacks - "ZOMG! Deejay Mix"
Website: http://resonator-mag.livejournal.com

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