No Fear Of Flying

I can go on and on about my love for women with pianos. After all, my adolescent obsession was Tori Amos. Were I to go on to eBay and sell my collection, I am probably sitting on at least a grand worth of collectible merchandise. That said, I will at a later date go into my instant love and admiration for Emily Haines' solo record, Knives Don't Have Your Back. For some reason, I waited and waited to listen to it, and this weekend (this bloody weekend!) marked such an occasion.

Until then, there's a hidden gem you may not be aware of hailing from Philadelphia. Hannah Fury. Somewhere in between the realm of experimental piano players like Kate Bush and the cabaret appeal of Amanda Palmer. Morbid, fascination, gothic, and sometimes simply mesmerizing, Hannah's music is not one that you will typically find on any charts. It's her lengthier, improvisational pieces that are the most gorgeous. Though her voice often compliments her piano skills in perfect harmony, it's this beautiful gem of a 9 minute piano piece from one of her earlier records that is beautiful for a late night listen.

Audible: Hannah Fury - "Flying"
Website: http://www.mellowtraumatic.com

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