I Want You To Know-Ooh-Ohh This

Heavy snow. Coming your way. NOW...

Since you will all be at Hearthrob this Tuesday night to celebrate the glorious sound of music, keep in mind your secondary reason - it's going to snow like ashfall in Hades on Wednesday, so you'd better sow your dancing oats at the Middlesex Lounge on Mass Ave. in Cambridge on the 13th.

Fortunately, the tundra should subside by Thursday, allowing the streets to plow and the shock to wear off. You should be rested and well-hydrated to attend:

Audible: Passions - "At War With Satan (Mix) / Trouble Mix 5.5"
MySpace: http://www.troubleandbass.com

...Once more, from the top...

.Friday. February 16th.


Elk's Lodge in Cambridge. 10pm. $7. 21+

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