Still In Bed With TTC

I am more than thrilled to hear the buzz surrounding the new TTC record. V2 France has released 3615, and as a big fan of Cuizinier, Orgasmic, and particularly Para One (this is the Wu-Tang of EU Electro, kids) they deserve more stateside attention than they've garnered in the last year or two. Loved by bloggers and occasionally touched upon by DJs in the know, TTC are, essentially, a team of ultra-talented producers that collaborate to create one of the strongest punches in innovative French techno.

What I've heard of the newer record has a vintage tint to it, along with crass beats that border on the evil. My intro to TTC was actually TTC reworking Modeselektor's "Dancingbox, but this new track is a Modeselektor production of TTC's "Une Bande mec Sympa."

Listen and love.

Audible: TTC - "Une Bande mec Sympa (Modeselektor)"
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/inbedwithttc

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