Cursor Miner

No matter how deep I dig, I cannot seem to find the real name of British producer Cursor Minor. But, like Detroit's Plus Device, it really doesn't even matter. He's got a decent amount of vinyl under his belt, with the one solid LP of Explosive Piece Of Mind. There are several tracks that I love of his, but my particular favorite is "Foxfux," which catches that throbbing bass that I've sung Drop The Lime's praises for in the last year. Ultimately, I could listen to this track on repeat for hours, and never notice the bells tolling.

Impressive places CM has spun include, but are not limited to: a Soviet nuclear bunker, a French biscuit factory, a Czech castle, a French monastery, a Norfolk windmill, prison common room, a tube station, a Belgian multi-story car park, an art gallery, a pub...also Germany and Hungary.

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/cursorminer

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