Back 2 School With Lil Mama

This post is more or less a repost, but who cares. Going through the Boston Phoenix's On The Download blog this morning, I came across this gem.

From OTD: Teenage bubblegum summerschool rap song of 2007: sixteen-year-old hypes every cosmetics boutique in the mall, discovers magic product that brings the boys to the yard, has teachers asking her for beauty tips.

This completely puts Britney Spears' plea to hit her one more time to absolute shame. Check the video:

Yesssssss. This will be awesome. She's gorgeous, witty, and is rapping about lip gloss. So down.

Audible: Lil Mama - "Lip Gloss"
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/lilmamaonline

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Lilo said...

Oh my god, how could I have missed this lipgloss video? It has like a million views on youtube - where have i been?

anyway, have you seen this video by some boston car dealer? it's not a song, but it is pretty funny: