Ghostland, Obv.

Major industry hipsters down in the NYC are all "OMG Ghostland Observatory is playing Bowery and I totally slept on TIX, SRSLY!"

Well, the good news is that the Great Scott show tomorrow is not sold out so you're in luck if you either (a) love GO enough take the trip or (b) live in the Boston vicinity.

For those of you in the latter, Ghostland Observatory will be the rock-dance-rock right to your Allstonian neighborhood around 9pm as part of the ever-pleasing Fenway Recording Sessions. Made up of producer/drummer Thomas Turner and singer Aaron Behrens (kind of DFA1979, eh?), the duo craves rock 'n' roll, blending new-wave danceable electro with disco guitars. Comparison have been made to Daft Punk or The Clash, but truth be told, Behrens got pipes.

If I am still not feeling like absolute shite, I just may bring my little dance-party ass out.

Great Scott

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ghostlandobservatory

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