The Mitchells : Spring Is (Sorta) Here

Oooooh, I like this. The Mitchells can SOMEWHAT be placed into a local slot, being from Northampton, though they don't live there anymore. Somewhere between Minus The Bear and Smoking Popes, The Mitchells reminisce the sounds of Critera/The White Octave days while pulling off a really nice sound. With enough angular, late 90s post-hardcore chords thrown in, the music isn't made for pop ears, but the songs are just infectious. Check out "R.I." in particular.

Makes me so glad to know that spring is here...sort of.

Audible: The Mitchells - "R.I."
Audible: The Mitchells - "Still Might Happen"
Audible: The Mitchells - "Lit Doorbells"
Website: http://www.themitchellsrock.com

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