Karaoke Ossum-ness @ Milky Way in JP

Last Tuesday, the 15th, was planned for some R&R with a book and a quiet bedroom, but I saw an announcement for free pizza, beer, karaoke, and candlepin bowling at the Milkway, compliments of the non-stop Ben Sisto and his efforts to spread the word. By far some of the yummiest pizza I've had in a while, along with the atmosphere of a packed, friendly house and some hi-life's, my co-worker and I were singing along to some of the hilarious live-band karaoke that was going on by the stage.

Just about every other week, the Nickel and Dime band brings the live karaoke to the Milky Way, while other Tuesdays it's the Classic Rock Karaoke. There's never a cover, and themes are bound to happen here and there.

Between the atmospheric excellence that is the Milky Way combined with the option of Hearthrob every other Tuesday at the Middlesex lounge in Cambridge, it looks like the first half of the work week is getting a proper weekend make-over.

Website: http://www.milkywayjp.com

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