The Little Ones Make A Big Splash Across The Pond

GOAAAAAAAL!! Los Angeles-based The Little Ones are currently running their asses around the UK, and will continue to do so taking only brief US breaks to appear at this year's Austin City Limits and Bonnaroo. From their mini-album, Sing Song, the stellar "Lovers Who Uncover" has been reworked to the extreme, and at the forefront is Crystal Castles...rockin' the mic like a vandal?

Aaaaanyway *cough* as if the album version wasn't wonderful enough, with its perfected progression along the pop spine with a dance touch, Crystal Castles have added their neu-disco touch to the song.

Note: Excellent summer song alert! Have you heard the original?

I'm such a sucker for the remix...

The digital-only EP (out June 5th) tracklist includes:
"Lovers Who Uncover" radio edit (James Ford mix)
"There's A Pot A Brewin'" (previously unreleased)
"Lovers Who Uncover" Crystal Castles vs. The Little Ones remix
"Oh, MJ!" Stereolab vocal remix
"Lovers Who Uncover" CSS remix
"There's A Pot A Brewin'" Radio Clit Mix

Website: http://www.wearethelittleones.com
Audible: The Little Ones - "Lovers Who Uncover (Crystal Castles Remix)"
Streamin' Demon: The Little Ones - "Lovers Who Uncover (Stereolab Remix)"
Video: The Little Ones - "Lovers Who Uncover" hi . lo


Anonymous said...

Crystal Castles remix is the best thing ever.

Zephyr said...

what are the lyrics to the song "there's a pot a brewin'"??