The Lodger Vs. Jack Bauer

With album art work that waxes influence from Wilco's ever-famous Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, The Lodger have little to no similarities in their indie-rock etchings. With a classic pop angle to their Brit-pop guitar dominance, there's a gritty Sonic Youth element underneath the clean melodies. Sprung from the same soil as The Smiths, The Wedding Present, and Arctic Monkeys, there's something sweetly endearing about The Lodger - much like Belle & Sebastians quicker-paced tracks. The tracks on Grown Ups - the latest from The Leeds, UK band - vary from song to song, but all fit together as a cohesive unit. Needless to say, it wouldn't be a surprise if this band blew up within the next year.

Audible: The Lodger - "Kicking Sand"
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/thelodgerleeds


Also...and open letter to Jack Bauer.

Dear Jack,

WTF...Air strike?! That was the lamest season finale of 24 in the history of season finales of 24. As you would say..."Damnit!!"




Ryan of the RSL blog said...

The Season Finale wasn't as bad as the basic premise that Jack's own father was the hidden influence behind at least four of the last six season's plots against the governments.... Somebody was asleep at the wheel this season. The character and franchise are strong enough to go on, but they need to hire somebody who can use their brain and write again.

Anonymous said...