Viva Le Pastrami!

photo: David Day

Let's take a moment to talk about French producer Joakim's set at Axis this week. Considered a DJ's DJ, Joakim Bouaziz is best known on our side of the Atlantic for his remixes (Fischerspooner, Annie, Stereolab, etc.), but it's with his last few records that he's lead up to Monsters & Silly Songs...his third LP, which is much more full, live band-driven than anything else he or his sonic colleagues have ever done. The DJ set, however, was purely European. It was perfect. It was something you get lost in. The songs were weaved together seamelessly, and the ambience got heavier and heavier, as if someone were dimming the room's lights without even touching the switch. Also a charming guy, he told me about his time at Katz's deli in NYC, and the unbelievable portion of meat they'd given him on his pastrami sandwich. Here's photographic evidence:

Wah wahhhhh.

If you're lucky enough to get him to your town for a DJ set, consider yourself blessed!

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/jimibazzouka

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