The Bedroom Trio [Is Not A Band]

(no, not that kind of bedroom trio...)

I've been hearing bits and pieces about The Bedroom Trio. Actually, back up, that's a lie...I've briefly seen their names mentioned in music news feeds and flipping through one of the many magazines on my kitchen table. Apparently, "The Bedroom Trio is not a band. It's a group of solo artists collectively spearheading its own genre called 'bedroom music' -- the sound of home recording fanatics, songwriters working casually at home crafting songs more confessional, more genuine and generally more creatively adorned and arranged than typical “lo-fi” or whatever other categories are employed to ghettoize indie solo artists." (from their press release)

Well, shit...I like the sound of that, but admittedly, I'm not a fan of all three members of TBT. One of the comparisons to Diamond Jim (nee Jim Greer) - a Bay Area producer that's worked with Head Automatica, MC Lars, and others. Compared at times to Stereolab - a band that I understand is amazing and life-changing, but I just never quite latched on. Also, while I was a bit underwhelmed by the last Lovemakers record (someone had turned me towards it when they found out I loved old Her Space Holiday), and Trevor Childs used to be Applesaucer bandmates with Scott Blonde, who later went on to create The Lovemakers.

sensitive d00dz...strum, strum, struuuum

Hands down, though, the winner of this triple pillow fight is Herman Jolly - a talented and, well, very handsome fella that can string good lyrics with even better melodies. Reminiscent of a cross between the Wilco/Ryan Adam's loving present with a lo-fi Pixies...reminiscent in a way that it never really existed. Some of the riffs could be an experimental Ben Gibbard, plucking away in his bedroom after spending a long night being the sober idolizer at a Brian Jonestown Massacre house party.

Ultimately, I'm not sure if Bedroom trio is necessarily something I'd like to hear more of, but the concept itself is quite awesome. I'd give it another go...

Audible: Diamond Jim - "Little Heartbreaker"
Audible: Trevor Childs - "Don't Get Old"
Audible: Herman Jolly - "Key On A Kite"
Audible: Herman Jolly - "1,000,000 Feet Below"
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/hermanjolly (check "Negative Blues")

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