Minus The Bear : Planet Of Ice

At long last, Minus The Bear have released a new album. Well, it'll be coming out on August 21st (omg can you wait that long?!) on the never-disappointing Suicide Squeeze. Titled Planet Of Ice, the record is not a stiff, cold partner to the melting effect that many of MtB's previous albums have had on their listeners. Compared to an album like Highly Refined Pirates, there's definitely a much more mature sound to Seattle band's songwriting structures, but there's still the electronic whirls and galloping drumbeats that the band is most recognizable for. Singer Jake Snider hasn't sold himself short - lyrically or in his ability to string his vocals into the songs like fingers through hair. "Knights," so far, may be my personal favorite, but then followed by a slower track like "White Mystery" - which includes a very funk-like bassline and harmonized vocals - it's obvious that this whole record is going to feature some of the variety that they're best known for. Also great is "Double Vision Quest," which is no "Pachuca Sunrise" (from their last LP, Menos El Oso), but has some of the best lyrics on Planet Of Ice.

Vinyl Collective / Suburban Home records will be issuing the vinyl--a gatefold 2xLP. Lovely! And...Dave Knudson, guitar extraordinaire - also known as "the guy that used to be in Botch" - is still mind-blowing...

P.S. Prepare yourselves for closer, "Lotus," it begins to fade out much like a Mars Volta song, and then boom! Six minute mark introduces a rather Pink Floyd-like jam in a very High Times cover story kind of way.

Audible: Minus The Bear - "Knights"
Visible: Minus The Bear - "Pachuca Sunrise (video)" hi / low / wmv
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Anonymous said...

Who the eff is Paul Sprangers? The lead singer of MTB is Jake Snider. Minus the Bear is like Satan for your soul. This band fucking Slays!

Onward Charles said...

Shit! I totally got caught up in the 8+ windows I had open while writing this yesterday.

Will fix. Thank you very much.

I am perpetually undercaffeinated these last few days :-/

P.S. You should've identified yourself...I'd have given you another awesome MP3 from the album, if you didn't have it already. OH WELL :-O