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Some random fact about me: I actually went to college with Nick Catchdubs. I'm not saying this to score any sort of cool points, but it's great to see people that were also a part of NYU's Arts & Entertainment paper, then titled Culture Shock (it's now just plainly known as the Friday edition of the Washington Square News), doing well for themselves. Another honorable mention is music writer Nick Catucci, whom I've actually never met but was the Music editor of CS before Brody Railton, who preceded me. Nick was a staple writer and staffer at the Village Voice, and has since moved on to New York magazine. Let's also not forget Catchdini's editorialship at The Fader.

That's the thing, nowadays, with the music industry - you pretty much have to have your hands in just about every possible pot that you can manage. It's not about monopolizing, but moreso about constantly being on your toes. People like us can get a bit jealous, sometimes of the simplicity of a drummer that is so passionate and focused on playing one, solid instrument and growing from there. Writers, bloggers, DJs, publicists, and managers all tend to be a little bit of everything, weaving in and out of professions. In my opinion, this doesn't cheapen the degree of difficulty to do any of these things...what makes a great writer/blogger/DJ/publicist/manager is understanding and flexibility in an industry that is constantly changing and seems, to many cynics, to be perpetually doomed.

Wow, okay, enough ramble...I've actually written to announce the launch of Fool's Gold Records, an NYC label just launched by Catchdubs himself, along with friends A-Trak, Dust La Rock (Minister Of The Arts) and David Dash (Spiritual Adviser). Their very first single is out, and it's Kid Sister's "Control," produced by Spank Rock's XXXCHANGE. Do I need to tell you that it's awesome? It's Kid Sister...you should already know this...

Audible: Kid Sister - "Control"
Purchase: Buy "Control" 12" from Turntable Lab
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/foolsgoldrecs

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