Right HERE'S The Spot : Basement Jaxx vs. Switch

I forget if I was ever really a fan of MeShell Ndegeocello. I was young in the early-ass '90s, and too busy with the likes of Crystal Waters and (shhhh) La Bouche (don't make me mention Real McCoy, k?), but I passed right over "Right Here's The Spot" off of Basement Jaxx's 2003 release, Kish Kash. I more or less ignored that album save the Siouxsie Sou guest on "Cish Cash." Blame it on the residual goth in me.

Nevertheless, a friend* recently passed this mix of "Right Here's The Spot" on to me, titled the Switch Drunk's at the Dogstar mix. Switch is a buddy of the ever-impressive Sinden (who is, well, hot and talented and hmm...), and this remix completely blows the original out of the water. Enough said - just listen!

*Edit (06.20.07): Oh yeah, and Paul from Aurgasm - the OMG to my WTF - came to me and said "Hey honeyyyy, who gave you the Switch song? Who loves you?" So, with all due respect, thank you Paul.

Audible: Basement Jaxx - "Right Here's The Spot (Swith Drunk's At The Dogstar Mix)"
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