Klaxons Remix Bazaar : Numero Dos

Ahh, The Klaxons. You know? This shit doesn't get old, and neither do the bajillion remixes that DJ's large and small have done for the songs from Myths Of The Near Future.

I think everytime I'm not sure what to write about, I'm going to pull a Klaxon's remix out and say HERE! Because...god...there are so many, and they're all so goddamn good.

Last time I released a track, it was the Soulwax Remix of "Gravity's Rainbow" - the kind of perfection that'll make you go apeshit on a dancefloor. And speaking of dancefloors, this particular mix done by Guns N' Bombs is the bagel to the cream cheesy dance parties that we all love.

Or, maybe it's the other way around...?

Audible: Klaxons - "Gravity's Rainbow (Guns 'N Bombs Freakout Remix)"
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/klaxons
Missed: Numero Uno

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