TAB is (not) a diet cola.

TAB - named after the trio's initials, not the awful drink - are a new explosion out of the surrounding Boston suburbs, but despite their lack of a label, they were still scooped up by Dinosaur Jr. (who are performing, of all places, Urban Outfitters right now, and in Harvard Square, no less...) as an opening act for their London show after the Hyde Park Calling Festival (which is starring the likes of Peter Gabriel, Aerosmith, Crowded House, and other big names).

Simply said, I wasn't sure how much I was going to love this on first listen. Never one for funk, and a bit too old to love classic rock as much as I did in high school, I checked out the rest of their MySpace tracks and what do you know - aside from the fact that I really loved Eagles Of Death Metal's first album, their second was a horror show and TAB is exactly what my ears and nether-regions would have love to have heard when they released their sophomore.

Plus, when you click on "Ron Mexico" (with its Strongbad-worthy guitar solos) on their 'Space page, a photo of Robert Goulaaaay pops up - that's a rap!

Hey there....you look hungreh!

Audible: TAB - "CYT"
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/tabtheband


Aaron/BBC™ said...

Watch: Douchebag PSA - [p.s. peep my blog, yo: BBC™]

Anonymous said...

Yeah, go to his blog...psssh.