The Knife : Silent Shout Deluxe Edition CD/DVD

I don't remember how I first heard The Knife, but I do know that I sit here, roughly a year and a half after my first listen, and my dog is completely hypnotized by "Like A Pen." It wasn't until "Silent Shout" was fully in effect that it seemed like her head was nodding about with the rhythm.

For months, I've been waiting for the deluxe edition of Silent Shout - the record that was nearly everyone's favorite (from Pitchfork to the OC) for 2006. I can safely say that before and still, I've never heard anything like it before, and sitting here with vibrations riding up my feet and filtering out through my fingers, it's never sounded better. Watching the DVD - both videos and a live performance from Stockholm in 2006 - listening to the "Live Audio Experience" (an audio version of said live performance), and the mastered version of Silent Shout (I've been rocking an mp3 burn I got through a friend of a friend of a...), it is by far the best 18.99 I ever spent at Other Music.

Undoubtedly, this is still the best record of 2006, and if it were allowed I'd probably sneak it into my top ten for 2007. (Fortunately, though, there has been a great number of records released in the last 7 months...well, enough for a top TEN, at least). "Like A Pen" and "Silent Shout" still give me chills, and having the video to accompany the haunting live rendition of "Heartbeats," and finally...a live version of "You Make Me Like Charity" that I not only can stand, but love.

The winner here, though, is the live version of "Kino" - a track that survived the criticism of their self-titled debut LP's mediocrity with praise. Fucking killer, man...

Audible: The Knife - "Kino (live)"
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