New Stars Track (hoooo!)

Stars - who reached a level of semi-fame when Rolling Stone placed them just within the mark for the Top 50 of the moment records sometime in mid-2005 for their stellar sophomore LP, Set Yourself On Fire - will be releasing another full-length on September 25th by the never-disappointing Arts & Crafts label. The first track, "The Night Starts Here" is probably not the best appetizer for those that have never dined on Stars (first two tracks of SYOF, for sure), but the wavering synthesizer that moves in and out and up and down throughout the song is an interesting addition to compliment the dueling, soft vocals of Amy Millan and Torquil Campbell. A true gem from the Montreal indie scene, this band stands strong alongside the likes of The Dears and Arcade Fire.

Coming 9/25: In Our Bedroom After The War
For impatient lovers: Stars - Do You Trust Your Friends? (STOF remix album)

Audible: Stars - "The Night Starts Here"
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/stars check out "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead"...classic

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