Never Over Underworld

Oof! It's been a busy week. Underworld played at the Bank Of America Pavilion last night, and I was dead center, 3rd row in. Truly incredible - I hadn't seen them since Barcelona in 2003 (Sonar), and time has fogged my memory of how great they are. I think that show was only Karl Hyde + Rick Smith, but now the addition of Darren Price made it all the better. I'll tell you two things: A.) Karl Hyde is getting old B.) but the only thing getting old about him is whatever his passport may claim about his age. The man looked happier than anyone I'd seen on a stage in so long, and seemed so thoroughly pleased by the show and the crowds' excitement. I won't deny I was dancing harder and with total abandon - "Born Slippy" was climactic, but "King Of Snake" and "Pearl's Girl" were epic, epic and epic.

Oh, don't forget about the ENORMOUS.INFLATABLE.GLOWSTICKS.

Oblivion With Bells, their first studio album in five years, comes out on October 16th. Last night they played "Beautiful Burnout," "Crocodile," and some other track which I haven't deciphered yet but has completely injected the band's mid-90s genius into the year 2007.

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