Where the F*** Have I Been?

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I suck.


I said it.

I love this blog. I love my readers. I love the idea of giving you the newest, coolest, most secretestest techno remixes (like this one, shhhh).

Lately, I've had my fingers in so many pies. Basstown has been thriving since David Day returned, and became the new Music + Arts editor of the Weekly Dig. The downfall of OiNK has been a discussion taking up much of my Internet time wasting where I'd rather be going through my press releases (yes, publicists, I do look at them!) or lurking on MySpace. On that note, though, I have been using my driving time productively to listen to WMBR - hands down THE best college radio station in the city (WZBC comes in a close second!). I absolutely love the Late Risers' Club, and considering I have such a difficulty waking up in the morning, I've been one to listen to it more often lately. Through them, I discovered the Red Dons from Portland, OR.

Truth be told, I've been weaning myself off of coffee and onto more rock music. For a while I was listening to nothing but techno, techno, techno and drinking cup after cup. No sleep. Lots of drinking. You can do the math...

But starting with great indie bands like Health, which lead me to revisit Lightning Bolt and somehow dropped me off in Tom Waits-ville at the Alice General Store. Add in the Red Dons plus a screening of Control (incredible, incredible film), and you've got me listening to rock music all over again.


Man, that felt good...

P.S. I still love you, Boston <3

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