Clark Hath Returned Full Throttle


Well, okay, maybe not, but the truth is that I am hopeful... So is Andre Obin from Matters & Dunaway, who makes incredible electronic music on the side. Nonetheless, I received the new Turning Dragon from Clark, who debuted with the LP Clarence Park many years ago and solidified a spot in my all-time top ten. Since then, I've just about loved everything he's done, and I think the Resident Advisor of the review really hit the nail on the head:

While the remainder of Turning Dragon is more recognisably techno, even the most upfront and direct tracks take unexpected turns. The start of ‘For Wolves Crew’ makes concessions to minimal, bubbling under with K-hole hypnotism, and ‘Ache of the North’ opens with the cavernous thunder of a rave reverberating through an abandoned bunker. But then their skinny synth lines swell and rise, twisting into truly Warped hollow majesty, the kind that makes you throw your fists in the air despite that uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Clark tears off down this path of fearsome, frenzied fun, stopping to look back just once. 'Hot May Slides' retreads familiar territory for devotees of his label, all quiet ambience and staccato beats, an Aphex Twin track in all but name. It's out of place here, but serves a purpose, providing some breathing space before 'Beg' causes real techno trauma with its wet thuds and demon howls.


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