Save The Resident!

For years, I've avoided the userpages and popular sites on YouTube. Not meant in a pretentious manner, I simply don't find a lot of the popular hits on YT very entertaining. Lori Harfenist is as charming as she is attractive, and it's a potent combination. I don't even live in New York City anymore, and I found so much relation to the "Where To Pee In NYC" episode. Apparently, Lori has been making The Resident for 8 years for television and the Internet.

Here's a personal favorite. The first is a sincere, non-ironic poem performed by a girl exploring "video prose." TheRavenOfPoe is her moniker. The embedding has been disabled but you can view it here.

The video response to this is even more brilliant. Check our Lori in snarky, black/white lighting:

But sadly there are some issues for Lori, in that The Man is trying to bring her down. The Advertising Man, that is. Below is her pitch for support:

How can you say no to such a lovely lady?

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