Bloc Party releases a new video. Yay?

Bloc Party have just released the video for "Talons" - the single from their forthcoming LP, Intimacy. Let this be the first taste, for many, into their new full-length. For myself, it's a little bit of a let down. The video is especially dull in innovation, and the production and general song structure is, well, rather boring. Think about it - some of the epic swells a la "Sunday" or the steady vocal grip like that on "Helicopter." Bands such as this or Interpol concern me because of the incredible integrity their first full-lengths to be known to the general public contained, and the succeeding releases really lose their steam...one by one. Interpol seems to have lost their identity, and Bloc Party needs to be more than a band with a great debut and having the lead singer that beat up Art Brut's.

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FirstClassTicket said...

I must say that I'm a bit disappointed too. Saw them live a year ago and they were fab! However... Kele will always have a special part of my heart.