Live@LAB happening now

The Internet moves fast, and so does time. When you read this it's possible that today's episode will be said and done, but every Wednesday Chris Ward a.k.a. C-Dubs heads over to LAB in Allston, MA to host Live@LAB - possibly the most entertaining local radio show.

The above photo is a bit off-topic. LAB recently held and sold the OBEY Fuji track bike, and this was taken in its window for a HIGHSNOBIETY in December. (If you are still crazy enough to purchase this gorgeous bike that will be stolen from you within your first week of owning it, you can find it at Cambridge Bicycles in, you guessed it, Cambridge.)

In any case, be sure to tune in every week. You can harass C-Dubs on AIM at "liveatlab" and come into the chat room of local friends and foes that have some of the most ridiculous a/s/l roll-calls to date.

Listen: Utopia Boston Radio (Weds, 2p - 4pm)
Store: LAB

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