The Recession of the Musical Economy

I'm scrolling through the endless unread messages from publicity and new media companies that are looking to have their artists written about, and I can't seem to find anything to catch my eye. On top of that, the e-mails that I do open up seem to direct me to mtv.com links for videos or aol.com URLs for streams.


Also, many of the news may not be focusing around a tour. I can tell that there will be about 4-5 bands per page (as Gmail shows about 50 per page) that I would really get into, blog about their musical integrity, and in a year go "Ohhhhh yeah...I blogged about them once. I don't even remember what they sound like."

But I do remember this...The American Dollar. They are an excellent band, and with the release of a memory stream they have begun playing live shows as a fierce duo comprised of two best friends a lot of musical talent.

Tonight, they perform in NYC at the Knitting Factory tonight with This Will Destory You - an incredible band from El Paso that I was blessed (really) with seeing in an intimate setting @ SXSW - and the Lymbic System.

Trust me on this one.

MySpace: The American Dollar

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