Bitch Magazine May Go Under : Please Donate


When I was a music publicist, magazines were folding left and right. The biggest heartache left behind was Harp, which finished off with Dave Grohl on the cover in March of 2008. It'd be an exaggeration - and somewhat of a lie - to say I stay awake at night grinding my teeth at the fearful thought of Paste going to waste.

But that's not true.

But THIS?!

I am female. My name is not Charles (and my first name is not Onward, while we're at it), and Bitch and BUST have equally provided to very wiiiiide audiences, creating a harmonious, Venn Diagram-like co-existence within the female community.

But now they need $40,000 in exactly one month to keep themselves afloat. I know more than 40,000 people aside from me read it, and a good number of them are probably...YOU.

So please. When it comes to entertainment, many pubs have gone in and out of print, but Bitch is a cornerstone that needs to thrive.

Maybe Sarah Palin should pay its debt.


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